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Subtle and tasteful luxury experiences. Sustainability and form following function are integral, as is comfort. Minimalism and modularity with a hint of brutalist architecture and post-consumerism art influences, give structure to our portfolio.

Designs c/o C. Skelly

! Sustainable ** + Socially Conscious))). A/The [new] Form of Luxury in |Fashion and Art|

We are a COLLABORATION-focused Design House, working with artists and their audiences to give them a voice and platform. These are extremely LIMITED pieces. All materials are sourced in small batches from fair-trade local vendors, each piece is manufactured by hand. All [Art]//Object(s) are designed and created by masters of their respective craft. focused in art, quality, and rarity. made available to the public.

(1). LARGE ART (2). Footwear+Accessories (3). UNIQUE HAUTE COUTURE GARMENTS


Designs c/o C. Skelly


10% of all proceeds goes to organizations like Virgil Abloh’s ‘Post Modern’ Fashion Scholarship Fund, NAACP LDF, ACLU, Wildfire Relief Funds helping people recover from climate change related fire displacement, and during the holiday season we support our local Friendsgiving with donations and volunteers.



}Objects_of_Value{ streetwear iterations to ready-to-wear concept collections and unique bespoke footwear + leather goods. we JUXTAPOSE art and culture in a collaborative effort between artists moving in an expansive direction. subtle and tasteful luxury experiences. Sustainability and form following function are integral as is comfort. Minimalism and modularity with a hint or two of brutalist architecture and post-consumerism art influences. Focused in Community Impact. One of One. Only de Une de Une.


With the artists yes, and even the brands occasionally, but sometimes we use our artistic license and the format of public art critique to make a statement about culture, society, etc. and we are not claiming copyrighted material as our own in any situation. DISCLAIMER: "We at Maison de Une de Une are not in way shape or form attempting to mislead the public and/or customers to believe that these are official Nike or Jordan, or any designer luxury fashion brands' official collaborations or releases contained herein. Unless specifically notated for sale as official collaboration, anything for sale is an artistic critique of sneaker, fashion, art, and film culture, utilizing the platform of Public Art for COMMUNITY IMPACT."

Yes. Every 3rd party brand we resell or use in production is bought directly from authorized retailers or directly from the brand and is 100% authentic.

While not ALL of our artistic reworks are not official collaborations, every public art critique sneaker is made using an Brand New or Deadstock Garment/Shoe as our base , paid full price retail or resale from a verifiable vendor and authenticated by both the third party reseller like eBay, theRealReal, or GOAT and our team. No fugazi. No Grailed. Double Checked.

Yes. All of our upcycled products containing designer luxury fashions are brand new and paid for at retail, direct from the designer. Usually sourced locally from flagship stores in Los Angeles.


Part of everything we make goes directly to organizations aiding communities affected by economic gaps, silenced voices, and deferred dreams.

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